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Hypnobirthing in Adelaide

Hey Mumma, your calm, unique & positive birth experience is possible. 


Hi, I'm Nikki

a mumma, midwife  and hypnobirthing practitioner based in Adelaide SA.

I stand for empowering women in birth, motherhood + life.


I believe in...

Empowering & educating women and the power of the hypnobirthing australia™ ‘Positive Birth Program

because i have experienced and embodied it.


What is Hypnobirthing? 

Hypnobirthing Australia™ is the fastest growing and leading independent childbirth education program in Australia. The Positive Birth Program is high quality, modern and evidence based with the bonus of self-hypnosis, which is really fancy word for self controlled deep relaxation. While hypnobirthing may sound intriguing to many, there are a few misconceptions about what it is - so let me explain it a little more... 

Hypnosis is used to achieve a state of pure relaxation, whilst still in a conscious state. Therefore, throughout your hypnobirth you will not be asleep or 'in a trance', you will simply be in a deep state of relaxation. You are in complete control of this process, and with the techniques learnt throughout the course, you will be able to move in and out of hypnosis at any time. The secret weapon in achieving your calm and gentle birth is - your mind. 

During a Connected Hypnobirthing workshop you will learn a combination of hypnotherapy, breathing, massage, acupressure and deep relaxation techniques to encourage you to relax and release any fear or anxiety surrounding the birth of your baby.  You will also develop a deeper understanding of how the mind works, and how this understanding can assist you in achieving a calm and positive birthing experience. 

When the body and mind is relaxed and free from fear, it is able to let go and allow the birthing body to open, releasing endorphins and do what it is designed to do...

Maternity & Birth Photos by Victoria Berekmeri -  Adelaide Birth Photographer

Maternity & Birth Photos by Victoria Berekmeri - Adelaide Birth Photographer