Connection, what does it have to do with Hypnobirthing?

It has almost been one year since I did my training to become a Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner and following a meaningful weekend abundant in Connection, at the Hypnobirthing Australia™ Conference, which was much more like a retreat. It feels like it is the right time to share some of the reasons why I decided to call my business Connected Hypnobirthing especially given our conference theme was ‘Connection’. I felt it aligned with me so well and why I truly believe in Hypnobirthing. 

Connection is defined as “a relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else”. This is the meaning I wanted behind what I have to offer and the inspiration for calling my business Connected Hypnobirthing. To me the journey of giving birth is about the connection; with one’s self, with your body, your mind, your energy, your baby, your birth partner, your caregivers, your family, your friends, your community… I want my workshops to help and support women, to establish their village, by sharing knowledge, wisdom, love, support, tools and techniques, so they feel prepared, strong, empowered, positive and more connecte.

Connection is a deep and meaningful thing that we all need in life, but one of the most important times we desperately need to feel connected is when we are birthing our babies. I want women to start building those connections during their pregnancy so there is a solid foundation, so everyone is one the same page before labour starts. When a woman is in labour there is this exposure to one’s true self and vulnerability sets in and most women will search for a connection. As a midwife I witness this, a woman needing to connect to something or someone. It could be the locking of eyes or holding of hands and the need to feel loved, the trust of having someone there that believes in them, their ability to do it and to remind them they are not alone are simple but powerful connections. As humans it is what we all need right? That meaningful relationship to something or someone, establishing that link.

I want women to have that. Being able to acknowledge that such a connection can exist and understanding the importance of it during the time between pregnancy to parenting supports women to have a positive and empowering birthing experience. Hypnobirthing allows women to be prepared as much as possible in both your body, your mind and relationships to facilitate truely beautiful birthing journey.

The knowledge, support, tools and preparation you get from the Hypnobirthing Australia™ course opens the opportunity to connect to one’s self – being able to see yourself for who you are, what it is YOU want, need, desire, to become aware of what birth means to you. Connecting with not only your physical body but also your mind allows you to become consciously aware of how they work together during birth. This mind-body connection is a very powerful thing and plays an essential part of a womens birthing journey. From my own personal experience and the feedback I receive from clients is this connection isn't truly realised and fully understood until after they have done the Hypnobirthing Australia™ course.

A workshop provides everything you would get in a childbirth education class with the addition of self-hypnosis which allows you to connect with your body, it’s energy but also to bond with your baby. I want couples to know bonding with your baby happens before your baby is even born. Your baby is connected to you before they are even conceived as they are either in your thoughts, desires, hopes, dreams or future plans. So, we talk about its importance, the benefits and all the different way a mother and her birth partner can connect with their baby in pregnancy.

Another important connection is between couples. Do not underestimate your birth partner and nor should a birth partner ever underestimate themselves and the love, strength, support they bring to a pregnant birthing mother. Some birth partners can feel a disconnection to birth as they are not the one physically pregnant and giving birth but as a couple who created their baby together, that bond does not end there. It is about the coming together and Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes is all about involving the birth partners. We prepare partners just as much as we do birthing mothers. Attending the classes together is encouraged so you receive the same knowledge, gain an understanding of the birthing process, mind body connection and just how a birth partner can support that. We also give practical tools and techniques to use such as light touch massage and acupressure to practice together in the lead up to birth. We even give birth partners a cheat sheet, so you seriously can’t go wrong.

Hypnobirthing is also about opening up the lines of communication with your caregivers, to establish a relationship where women feel respected, valued and heard. An empowered birthing experience comes from the planning and use of birth preferences and when you have the knowledge (and knowledge is power!) to make informed decisions backed by evidence-based information, you can gain confidence in the choices you make. It is your right to ask questions and explore your options and being aware of what’s important to you and fighting for it.

We also talk about the importance of your birthing environment and how the set up can have an impact on your birth. You can set up a positive birth environment that feels right for you whether that be in a private or public hospital, birth centre or at home. Birth is the safest and most normal when a mother and her birth partner feel safe, empowered, informed, nurtured and connected to themselves, each other, the environment, their caregiver and of course their baby!

When you feel safe, comfortable, connected and relaxed,  it allows for a positive, calm and beautiful experience. Hypnobirthing gives you the time and space for connection. So if you project yourself into the future – to your birthing day when you are gazing into your baby’s eyes for the first time, smelling that sweet smell of oxytocin that fills the space between you and your baby giving you that loved up high after birth and the joy it creates – now that is true Connection.

Something I am sure we all want to experience, so if I can help you on your Hypnobirthing journey contact me and we can talk more.

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