Kind Words 

We loved our sessions with Nikki! As first time parents Nikki made us feel extremely comfortable to ask anything, even those silly questions you feel embarrassed to ask. Her knowledge as a midwife was exceptional and after our sessions we walked away not only feeling prepared and empowered to have a positive birth experience, but also with the confidence to tackle all the crazy and exciting challenges that were awaiting for us as parents!
— Elyse and Justin Mitris
Nikki is an angel. Well, she certainly felt that way to me. I was recommended to speak with Nikki when I was considering a home birth, and was looking for some guidance and support to safely bring our baby into the world, in our home. Nikki not only empowered me with her knowledge and recommendations but with her unwavering belief in my ability to naturally birth my baby. I walked away from our time together confident, calm and totally empowered. Nikki has a beautiful open mind and heart, and was a treasured part of my experience as a birthing mumma.
— Jody McGrice
We were lucky enough to have a private antenatal session with Nikki. She is so passionate about being a midwife and sharing all her knowledge with you, it makes you feel a bit more at ease with what you’re about to go through. No question was too silly to ask and she took the time to explain it all in a way we would understand. She has been an amazing support throughout our entire journey and we highly recommend her.
— Sarah and Reece Watson

Thank you once again for having us for our Hypnobirthing Classes. We really enjoyed our time with you, learning all the techniques for our toolkit. Both Adam and I feel we are more confident in each other, full of knowledge and feel more ready for Peanut’s birthday. Thank you also for letting us meet your beautiful family, Abbie and Ollie are too adorable!
— Vanessa & Adam - Private Hypnobirthing Workshop in December at my house.
We thought that the classes were great. I really enjoyed the refresher in natural birth and just chatting about pregnancy and birth in general! It is a great way to do a antenatal class with such a non medical, natural approach to everything. It really reminded me of why I got into Midwifery in the first place. I think that the course really develops communication between partners which Phil and I are lucky enough to do very well already but I can really see how helpful this might be for other people. The relaxation and letting go of fear have an amazing impact and I will be feeling very prepared when the time comes to meet baby! I think you went above and beyond with the set up and food provided. Thank you for the nut free options! I could go some of that Chocolate right now! Thankyou!
— Rosie & Phil - November Group Workshop
Liam and I also cannot thank you enough for all your guidance and support through our journey. Hypnobirthing is something I will truly treasure as not a lot of my birthing story was in my control but I was able to remain calm and birth my baby, my biggest dream had finally come true. I honestly couldn’t have gotten through it without the techniques and fear release.
— Angela & Liam - Private Workshop in September

Thank you again for running the course with us. Its been an emotional roller coaster and hypnobirthing saw us through it all with confidence in each other and in ourselves.
— Hypnobirthing parents Vanessa & Adam
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I honestly can’t thank you enough for your input into Harvey’s entrance. I honestly think we have such a calm baby because we were so clam during the birth and that seriously wouldn’t have been the case without the hypno! We will always remember what you’ve done for us.
— Hypnobirthing Parent Buzz & Abe, November Group Workshop
I now feel confident & in control.
I am looking forward to my birth.
Nikki you are so amazing.
Not only with the Mums but also with the Dads.
I learnt more than I thought I would & I feel like I’ve been given all of the tools I need leading up to my baby’s birth.
— Hypnobirthing Mum Cole - April Group Workshop

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Hi Nikki, Thank you so much - this is all such useful info, and I really appreciate you going above and beyond for us. Again, we really loved the course and are so happy we did it, we feel so much more prepared for a.png

I now feel confident & in control, I am looking forward to my birth. Nikki you are so amazing. Not only with the mums but also the dads. I learnt more than I thought I would & I feel like I’ve been given all the tools I need leading up to my baby’s birth.
— Hypnobirthing Mum Cole - April Group Class - you can read her birth story in my blog
Scott and I decided to do the private Hypnobirthing Australia classes with Nikki after hearing positive stories from others who had done hypnobirthing before. This was our third baby and I knew I wanted a natural birth with some strategies for coping with labour. I was so happy that we did the course because it educated me about the birth process, my rights and choices for birth, I could develop my own birth plan for the midwife so she knew exactly what we wanted, I started my affirmations, breathing and relaxation tracks. What I had learnt gave me focus for the coming weeks before my estimated due date to prepare my mind and body for birth and this made me feel empowered and in control. Im lucky that my birth went to plan and we could implement everything we had learnt. It was beautiful and amazing birth and my mission now is to tell as many people as I can about hypnobirthing so they know they have options. Thank you Nikki for being our hypno coach!

Macey Caitlin Jenkins born 10:04am (on her exact due date which is pretty clever as this only happens in about 3-5%) weighing 2.8kgs and 48cms long.
— Love Yvette, Scott, Jaycob & Macey
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