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is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued - when they can give and receive without judgement.” - Brene Brown.


Birth Story Listening - $35 per session.

Change is possible

~ You may be amazed at what can change

in just one Birth Story Medicine session. ~

Birth is like a labyrinth and even the most positive birth experiences can have moments within that experience that we wish we could change or that would have been different. Some birth experiences can be traumatic, leaving someone feeling raw, stuck and vulnerable. Making us feel all kinds of feelings, sometimes lost within them, unable to untangle the web or find our way out and a birth story listening can help us make sense of them.

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places”

~ Ernest Hemingway ~

Birth breaks some people, creating cracks within ourselves and afterward many are strong at the broken places and for others they need help finding their medicine or the gold to fill the cracks left from their birth and need a birth story session to help put the pieces back together.

During labour and birth there are invisible thresholds that are crossed, knowingly or unbeknown, willingly or forcefully. Each threshold brings new territory, a new being, an unknown, only to be discovered by taking that rite of passage that is birth. Not only is a baby born that day, so is a mother and the maiden within her has to die so the mother within her can be born.

“The death of who you use to be is inevitable. Rebirth can only happen when the death takes place.”

~ Angela Gallo ~

A profound transformation, that can bring a feeling or sense of loss, loss of innocence, trust, beliefs, assumptions or perhaps even your birth preferences. It can make us question, doubt or affect our lives in ways we never thought possible.  

Birth is a rite of passage, one of the most transcending, powerful, life changing experiences; a becoming and transitional time in someone’s life. There can be many or sometimes just one unexpected moment/s within a birthing experience. There may be turning points within an experience and that is the inevitable, unavoidable part of the transformation on birth is a soulful initiation.

This initiation can leave a mother, father, partner or birth worker feeling shocked, confused, betrayed, ashamed, powerless and these feelings can be felt for a while after, for some even years later. Holding on to that can cause grief, makes us uncomfortable or cry when we think about those moments. So, if time, push those thoughts or feelings down to a place where you can ignore it or brush it off, maybe it consumes you or you find you have to share your story over and over to try and heal or make sense of it has only provided temporary relief, a birth story medicine session with me is something to consider.

A Birth Story Medicine session gives you a safe space to share your story in a guided way, a personal-growth process that will bring insights, resolution and healing. So, if there is a need to understand what may have happened within your body, the birth place, the people around you or your care providers, my role as a midwife I may also be able to help you make sense of this and bring clarity.

The journey home, one I have even taken myself, even having positive births there were still moments from them that I needed to focus on to get answers, so I have experienced this process and it is amazing the change that can happen and what a session can bring. I want to share this process to help others in need to find self-worth, self-love and compassion for themselves.

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I have taken the Birth Story Medicine training from Birth Story Listening in February and March of 2019, successful completing both the Kintsugi and Birth Story Listening 2 Course through Birthing from Within with Pam England and Danit Tsur Almog.

Connected Hypnobirthing has an ongoing association with Birth Story Medicine and able to provide Birth Story Listening Sessions for mothers, fathers/partners, birth workers such as midwives, obstetricians, doulas, student midwives or anyone who may have experienced a difficult birth that they would like to help process or look at more deeply.

An hour session offers profound listening and gentle guiding with questions that can help you find new insights, awareness and begin healing to an experience you may like to change how you feel or associate with. I offer private, individual and confidential sessions, I am happy to see couples but separately, in their own individual sessions as even though you may have been at the same birth and in the same room, you have experienced it differently and each storyteller needs different medicine.

Introductory cost of $35 per session, you can pay in cash on the day or before via direct deposit or Paypal. We can meet in person, you can come to me or I am happy to travel to you (distance permitting, I willing to travel but additional fee may apply) or we can meet in a quiet place in nature if you prefer. Zoom/Skype sessions available if you are not located in Adelaide.  

For more information or if you would like to make a time to have a birth story listening session with me, please call Nikki for an appointment 0422051252 or fill out the email enquiry below.

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