Positive Caesarean Birth Workshop Includes...

Healthy Mind & Body

  • Understanding how our mind works
  • What is self-hypnosis?
  • What does a 'positive birth' mean to me?
  • How fear can affect our body and birth
  • Thoughts are powerful
  • Reprogramming our subconscious
  • Language of positive birthing
  • The power of affirmations
  • Pre-birth bonding
  • Healthy mother, healthy baby

Toolkit for birth

  • The importance of facial relaxtion
  • Relaxation Breathing - the most efficient path to 'calm'
  • Music for birthing
  • Using touch to release endorphins
  • Instant relaxation techniques for use through pregnancy, birth & recovery
  • Specific self-hypnosis techniques for pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Visualising birth
  • Hypnotic anchors and triggers

Knowledge is power

  • Further reading and research
  • Birthing Preferences
  • The Gentle/Natural/Family Friendly Caesarean Birth
  • Baby's microbiome
  • Seeding
  • Bonding with baby at birth
  • Initiating breastfeeding
  • Tips for a healthy recovery

Releasing fears

  • Fear Release and visualisation of birth

Support Crew

  • Communicating with our caregivers
  • Birth partner's role
  • Cheat sheet for mother and birth partner
  • rehearsal for birth practical session

Preparation - the key to success!

  • Routine for practice
  • A positive caesarean birthing video