Buzz & Abe's WaterBirth Story of Baby Harvey

Baby Boy Harvey Waller

Susan – know to all as Buzz called me with her partner Abe the day after she had birthed to announce Harvey Waller had arrived earth side. I was so excited for them and felt so honoured and touch they had chosen to call me and let me know – I absolutely love that! When I asked her how did it all go she said, “Labour was so much better than pregnancy – I hated being pregnant” Buzz had suffered from morning sickness which most know isn’t just in the morning but all-day sickness for some and can sometimes last all pregnancy not just in those early weeks. She also had worries and concerns about how maternal she would be, part in which they chose to do Hypnobirthing classes. Her practice played big part in helping her bond with her baby before he arrived and to take the fear out of birth.

She told me her beautiful birth story, one I will never forget and she has given me permission to write it for her and share it with you all here…. So, Buzz and Abe’s birth story of their baby boy unfolded like this her waters broke (“released”) 7pm on Monday night, not really sure what to do, they called their midwife and after talking to her they decided to stay home and await labour as the amniotic fluid was clear, baby was moving and Buzz was ok after an initial freak out. So, they busied themselves by doing a bit of running around for Abe’s work then went to bed to sleep that night and woke Tuesday morning with not much really happening. So, they went for a walk along the beach would be a good idea and then they checked back in with their midwife at around 11am.

Agreeing to meet at the hospital for a check-up and to make a plan soon. At the hospital after being checked out – confirming it was in fact her waters that had released (which Buzz knew but as much as we like evidence so do Midwives and Doctors) they discussed their options with their midwife after being assessed. Not much was happening in the way of labour or surges and baby was all happy according to the monitor but there was still a strong push from the Medical team for Buzz to stay for augmentation (induction) and to commence IV Antibiotics to reduce the risk infection as her waters had released for just over 12hrs. Knowing this, Buzz and Abe weighed up the benefits and risks (using their BRAIN technique) and staying for Augmentation with Antibiotics just went against all that they were about so much it made Buzz so upset she couldn’t stop crying. After a long discussion with their midwife who could see how distressed it made Buzz, they made the informed decision and choice to go back home and await labour for another 12hrs and return if they were worried. Buzz said she had to sign some paperwork regarding going against medical advice but overall, she felt so supported and respected with their decision to go home again and she felt she could go back if and when she felt the need. So, home they went.

By this time, it was late arvo so Buzz decided to have a lay down and downloaded Hypnobirthing Australia™ fear release track to listen to as she felt some anxiety and fear creeping in and had remember from the classes how much it helped her then that it may help now. So, she listened to that followed by Hypnobirthing Australia™ music for birthing and within 45minutes she started having surges! (Amazing!) amazed she hopped up and sat on the birthing ball to help and encourage the surges that were about 1 in every 30mins at that stage but strong with some coupling together (which means having 2 surges close together). After a while on the ball she decided she wanted to try a bath. While lying in the bath she listened to Hypnobirthing Australia™ Surge of the Sea and Rainbow Mist tracks, Buzz says she felt really relaxed and like she was drifting in and out of sleep (self-hypnosis) and at about 9pm she got out to time her surges as she was unsure to where her surges were at. They were about 10-15mins apart but still strong and intense and by 10:30pm they were 1 in every 8minutes – she wanted to get back in the bath but instead of getting in at home they thought it was best to maybe head to the hospital. So, she called her midwife who said she could still stay at home as she felt being a first time mum and only having surges 1 in 10minutes she would still have a while to go but Buzz and Abe insisted… thankfully they did. They arrived at the hospital at 11pm and the midwife started filling the bath, and discussing IV antibiotics again however as the midwife left the room to get something, and while Abe went to park the car, Buzz felt to urge to bear down with her surges, to the midwife’s surprise. So, Buzz moved into the bath and at 12:08am Harvey was born in water and Abe was there to bring his baby up to mum’s chest.

Their midwife, who was not their primary MGP midwife but Buzz felt the midwife they did have was the perfect midwife for them on her birthing day, made comment that she was so proud of Buzz and a little surprised for being so calm. She also made comment on how proud she was for her being strong and sticking to her preferences. She didn’t end up having IV Antibiotics as in the end and their baby checked out all ok, having 4hourly observations and didn’t require antibiotics himself so they went home later that day.

Abe did telling me over the phone that he was a little upset because he only had time to put the affirmations up and turn on the aromatherapy once they arrived at the birthing centre and he didn’t have time in the end to use all the other tools in his toolbox, lol!

They are extremely proud of themselves for sticking to their guns and getting the birth they worked hard to get, having such a great experience has them feeling so empowered – and so they should! Buzz was amazing by how much the fear release helped. With no progress or surges happening to listening to the fear release track and starting to have surges almost straight after. Also, being in the bath able to relax and slip in and out of hypnosis (sleep like state) while having intense strong surges and not fear them – stating “Hypnobirthing was the perfect mix for me”

She did talk to me about that when she got into the bath in the hospital after she felt the urge to bear down and push, she felt really overwhelmed and started breathing really fast and breathing out through her mouth then she remembered to change her breathing to the breathing down breath and started to breathe down instead, focusing all her energy down behind her baby which enabled her to follow her body and focus on her breathing. It was only a few surges and her baby was on her perineum and starting to crown. Her midwife helping her focus as her baby started to emerge by imagining having been at the gym after a session and stretching and when you do you breathe into the muscle well she told her to just breathe into her perineal muscles with her surges and she believed it really did help as she didn’t have any tearing and allowed her to birth her baby slowly, safely and controlled over a few surges.

I am so proud of Buzz and Abe and I congratulate them on the birth of their perfect 3.64kg bundle of cuteness that is Harvey. I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to be a part of their journey – it was an honour and pleasure to share this positive way of birthing with them, they fully embraced the Hypnobirthing Australia™ course and practice which just makes me seriously just love what I do!


Birth Story and Post approved by Mum and consent given to share :)