Kyra & Tyson's Beautiful Feedback

“Nikki, I can’t even know where begin in thank ing you. Please know that we’ve being raving about Connected Hypnobirthing to all our friends and family. The course has been nothing short of an empowering and positive experience for both Tyson and myself. We honestly feel that this content should being taught as basic antenatal classes, so all mother’s and their birth partner’s can feel calm, informed and confident leading into their birthing of their babies.

But Nikki, we also really feel that we lucked out in having you as our instructor. We really appreciate the extent that you went to to accomodate EVERYONE in the group and all your personal touches. You really went the extra mile to make your classes personalised and comfortable (thank you so much for the personalised Christmas card, so special). You ran an amazing and informative course and we appreciated your experience and passion as an actively working midwife in women’s assessment. It’s obvious how passionate and respectful you are about both Hypnobirthing and your role as a midwife. We left each class feeling like we had every question answered and like there was no stone unturned. We appreciated how you kept everything to the agenda and that has been really helpful for us in practicing outside the class (but also really helped with our sense of achievement).

Personally I really appreciate your professionalism and gentle approach in the initial stages of feeling out the course. Your communications have always been personalised, warm and relevant, and I never felt that I was receiving spam or irrelevant emails that we’re trying to convert me into Hypnobirthing. It’s been a very genuine experience throughout the whole process and I love that we’ve been invited to group events. Thank you for providing us with this opportunity. I honestly already (so so early into my Hypnobirthing practice) feel calm and in control about my birthing and even better, I feel so much more connected to both baby and Tyson (and even Melissa!). I can honestly say that I’m so excited about my birthing and when we get to meet our baby. And I look forward to this feeling maturing the more I deepen my practice.”

What incredible feedback from Kyra, I am so grateful and thankful, it was a privilege to be apart the preparation for the birth of their baby and their pregnancy.

I was so excited to receive Kyra & Tyson’s Birth Story of their beautiful Hypnobub Henry in a reply to one of my emails, I just had to share a comment from her email! I am so proud of you Kyra! Well done Mumma you are a star!!

“Thank you so much for empowering us Nikki. Doing the hypnobirthing course with you was one of the best things that we could have ever done. I was able to achieve the natural, drug free birth that we wanted and I feel honoured by my passage into motherhood and the beautiful and instant connection I had with my baby as soon as he arrived. I’ve never felt so feminine and powerful in my life, then when I first lifted my son to my chest and held him for the very first time. “

Thank you. 

Kyra xxxx

Shared with permission

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