Kyra & Tyson's Beautiful Birth Story of Henry

I love receiving emails like this in response to my email I send all clients around their 39 week mark to tell them I am thinking of them…

The crazy thing is that my waters actually ended up breaking at 12pm on Wednesday the 6th, so you must have had a sixth sense that things were happening!! Little Henry Noah Ritchie came earthside at 2.30am on Thursday 07/02/19! He weighted 3290gms, was 49cm and HC was 33.5cm 🥰️

Active labour went for 4.5 hours & I was able to stay at home in the bath for most of it, before leaving for the hospital once I started to bear down (lucky were only down the road!). I think we were only at the hospital for an hour and half to two hours before we were able to finally meet our beautiful boy!

My labour was intense as I went from 3cm dilation at 10pm to baring down at 1pmish. I was VERY loud through every surge. I felt each one as a gentle wave, then a more intense wave... then effectively was dunked. By the hypnobirthing breathing techniques helped me to stay calm and even sleep between some contractions. My mum reminded me of my chosen birthing day affirmations during each surge “I work in harmony with my baby for an easy birth, my baby’s birth is easy because I’m so relaxed. Because I am calm, my baby is calm.” These really helped me to try and regain my breathing whilst being dunked. And the physical support and well done’s from Tyson and Mum meant everything. At the time I didn’t feel like I was in control, hoping for a pain free and quieter birth I guess. I remember feeling embarrassed both at home and in hospital at how loud I was, I felt sure that the whole street knew that I was giving birth, and for some reason at the time felt embarrassed at not being able to contain it. But I have since been able to discuss it individually with Mum, Tyson and my midwife. And they each said how calm and in the zone I was. There were periods were I didn’t think I’d make it, and even one point where in my mind I felt comfortable within myself to ask for pain relief when it was eventually time to make it to the hospital, but I never asked for it. I literally just bared down and worked through it. And my midwife even told me that I was so calm and focused at the task at hand, that it was like I had laboured before. 

In the final stages we had a very slow delivery due to me having a band that was very small. But with the help of my midwife, who had to use her fingers to stretch the band over Henry’s head, I was able to avoid having an episiotomy (and due to being able to request that I didn’t want one)... but after all that waiting Henry was in quite the rush and he’s head popped out with and arm , resulting in a second degree front tear. But my recovery has been so fast & I accredit that to having a natural and drug free birth and hypnobirthing for helping me to keep focused at the task at hand! 

Thank you so much for empowering us Nikki. Doing the hypnobirthing course with you was one of the best things that we could have ever done. I was able to achieve the natural, drug free birth that we wanted and I feel honoured by my passage into motherhood and the beautiful and instant connection I had with my baby as soon as he arrived. I’ve never felt so feminine and powerful in my life, then when I first lifted my son to my chest and held him for the very first time. 

Thank you. 

Kyra xxxx

Kyra & Hypnobub Henry

Kyra & Hypnobub Henry


Shared lovingly with permission.

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