About the Positive Caesarean Birth Course 

Our World First Hypnobirthing Australia™/Hypnobubs® - The Positive Caesarean Birth Course, is specifically designed to help mothers and their birth partners to achieve an empowering, calm and positive pregnancy and caesarean birth experience. Because, every parent deserves to approach the birth of their baby with joy, feeling prepared and positive. 

The Positive Caesarean Birth Course is as special hypnobirthing course incorporating relaxation and self hypnosis techniques specially designed to prepare parents for a positive caesarean birth. 

The caesarean section rate in Australia is currently sitting at over 30%. Hypnobirthing Australia™ childbirth education courses already empower parents with the preparation, tools, support and knowledge to give themselves the best chance of achieving a natural birth. However we know that sometimes the safest way to birth (for mother and/or baby) is by a caesarean section, and so this course has been created with these mothers in mind. 

The course can help you have a more relaxing and positive pregnancy and birth and also enables you to start your parenting journey in a very empowered way.