A4 Affirmation Digital Cards - 12 Pack

A4 Affirmation Digital Cards - 12 Pack


12 individual A4 digital affirmation cards to inspire and support your calm and gentle birth.

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Affirmations Include; 

- Release and Let Go 

- Positive Mind, Positive Birth

- I'm turning my birthing over to my body and my baby

- I am focused on a calm and gentle birth 

- My labour is a place that belongs to me 

- I tune into my body, I tune out to distraction

- I use my breath to connect with my baby

- Each surge brings my baby closer to me 

- My mind is clear. I'm focused on the miracle happening within me 

- I see my baby in the perfect position for birthing 

- I am confident, I am happy, I am safe, I am calm, I am capable 

- My baby is the perfect size for my body