Vanessa and Adam's Positive Induction and Emergency Caesarean Birth Story of Baby Elise

This is the Positive Birth Story of Hypnobub Elise who was welcomed earth-side by Hypnoparents Vanessa and Adam after an induction and emergency caesarean birth. Big Congratulations to this beautiful family! So proud of them. Due to having Gestational Diabetes and High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy, Vanessa and Adam knew they were having an induction of labour so they prepared themselves for that and in the end indications and reasons for their caesarean section were out of their control and they were able to calmly meet the turns their journey took and make informed decisions about what is best for them and their baby with the special circumstance they had - something we talk about in our Hypnobirthing Australia™ workshops. I loved hearing that the Hypnobirthing Australia™ tracks were so useful for Adam in theatre too. Such a magic team of hypnobirthing parents these guys made! 

I want to thank them for choosing me to share these tools and techniques with and for giving me permission to share their birth story with you all! Positive birth.. because birth is birth regardless on how a baby enters the world!

Shared from Vanessa's email to me...

'Good morning Nikki

Hope you and family are all well :)

Adam and I are doing great and would like to introduce Elise Rosario McHugh who is 10days old today. She joined us earth-side on 17 Feb by emergency csection after a 48 hour induction, including 24hrs on the drip.

Elise is 49cms tall and weighed 2973g (6lb 8.8oz). She was a bit of a celebrity in the ward due to her super long eyelashes and googly eyes.

I found overall the process to be calm and positive, I came armed with practical knowledge of the induction process. Adam was very supportive and was relaxed throughout, which I fed on, and kept me positive with good thoughts and high encouragement.

My vision board also became a bit of a celebrity and was shown around the birthing unit several times!

As expected after the balloon was inserted I was constantly monitored because of GD (Gestational Diabetes), blood sugars tested every hour, wireless CTG (Continuous Monitoring) and had regular VEs (Vaginal Examinations). Once the balloon (Induction Catheter) was out had an ARM (Artificial Rupture of Membranes), put on the drip (Hormone Drip- Synthetic Oxytocin) soon after and I bounced on the ball and kept active only limited by the placement of the IV (Intravenous Catheter). Bub and I were handling the contractions very well using breathing techniques and soundtrack and Queen, opting for gas 18hrs in when they maxed the dose. I even breathed through the contractions in my naps and the midwives were in awe (Adam says, lol). Eventually the gas lost its effect and I was still 4cm dilated and 1cm effaced so we opted for an epidural so I could get a decent sleep and maybe open up some more. The anaesthetist remarked that I was very calm, although Adam nearly fainted and became patient no 2 for a few minutes :)

On my 7th and final VE I was told still 4cm but now inflamed. Bub was in and out of sleep so no worries there but she was head askew (asynclitic position) and it would be impossible to be active now with the epidural in. My bloods also came back with early stages preeclampsia so Csection was suggested and we had to make a tough decision. 

We were both abit scared of going into theatre and were very sad to have needed surgical intervention, though I was more sad that I hadn't eaten in such a long time, darn hormones. Adam found the hypnobirthing soundtracks invaluable while in the theatre. He stayed lucid, cut the cord for Elise and had skin to skin with her while I got patched up. I am so proud of him. As soon as I laid eyes on Elise and got to cuddle her everything washed away and I felt she was worth all our efforts of the last few days.

The theatre team were magic and I don't think I would be sad if we needed the same again for next time. Yes, Elise wasn't even 24hrs old when I declared to Adam "we are doing this again"!

We couldn't be happier and love having our family home. 

Thank you once again for running the course with us. Its been an emotional roller coaster and hypnobirthing saw us through it all with confidence in each other and in ourselves.

Lots of love'

How beautiful is that! I loved reading their birth story! Hearing how they achieved a calm and positive experience with special circumstances and changes along the way. Vanessa feeling supported by her partner Adam and by the hospital staff too. The hospital staff also loving her Vision Board just as much as I did! Vanessa is such a great role model of hypnobirthing not only with her inspirational vision board but embracing that you can calmly meet your baby regardless of the circumstances and how your baby enters the world - you can achieve your positive birth!

Nikki x

HypnoMum Vanessa and Hypnobub Elise

HypnoMum Vanessa and Hypnobub Elise.

Hypnobub Elise

Hypnobub Elise

Elise with her HypnoDad Adam

Hypnobub Elise with her HypnoDad Adam

Vision Board

Vanessa's inspirational and celebrity status Vision Board.